A Seemingly Simple Puzzle Game

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A moment to destress and regain focus.

Move the red piece to the target. Yes, it is that simple. Or is it? Soon you will break your brain on these additive puzzles.

The lockdown has brought stress. Stay home but stay sane. With a casual distraction to refocus. A seemingly simple puzzle game. Grab your phone after a zoom. Or during. Many moments to sharpen the mind. Just imagine: you’re on a beach, you draw a grid in the sand and collect some pebbles. Bliss. You look at the sand. The pebbles lie there, but something is off, it’s off balance. Just like your mind. Time to fix this, time to center.

Seemingly simple, just push the red pebble to the center, at first it’s just a swipe because you are distracted, but as your focus returns the pebbles lie more complex and centering is no easy task, but you can do this, only you have the mind to solve the puzzles of pebbli, and to find balance.

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